Our 24 Hours services providing owners or charterers by given them daily progress report enables them to monitor their vessel activities. We also provide weekly vessel line up to owner and charterers especially for coal port and other cargo if required. We can handle various type of vessel such as bulker, mpp , container , tanker and tug/barge and various type of cargo such as coal, comment/clinker, stell product , fertilizer etc


We provide to client competitive freight through our channel either direct direct to owners or from reputable broker connection we concentrate in bulk, break bulk and liquid carge. we also S&P assistance for client who need to buy or sell their ships


In order to meet demands of stevedoring and cargodoring services to personal, corporate and industrial client of all over the world which are connected to Tanjung Priok (Jakarta-Indonesia). In line with rapid bussiness growth in this industry, our company has increase our capabily and professionalism by arraging Terminal Operator and has experienced in providing accurate : right in time handling of cargoes in any shapes and forms as required by customers we provide stevedoring service in South Kalimantan , East Kalimantan, and Palembang (South Sumatera), Soon will be other place


We also provide monthly statistic base on customers, volume and destination,we will distribute if customer required. we will assist to customer for visiting customer, stockpiles, authorities and any ports in Indonesia also promoting customer business either in shipping or trading business 

Our Kind of Service

We Stategically put resources

needed in the right place

at the right time to make sure

client get best services

Jl. Pemuda 66, 2nd Floor Rawamangun, 

Jakarta 13320 Indonesia

Phone. +62 21 470219 (Hunting)

Fax.   +62 21 4701218/20

email : trielang@trielang.co.id